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It’s always kind of a pain to get your entryway organized, isn’t it? There’s always coats to hang up, shoes to kick off, keys to misplace, and a bunch of other stuff that clutters up an entryway.

Really, the only thing that can make an entryway more of a hassle to keep clean is wintertime. Between the melting snow turning into muck on your boots and all the extra layers you have to put on when you leave, the winter can make your entryway or mudroom a much bigger mess than it was before. But never fear – we’ve got some tips on keeping your entryway free of clutter and help you make less of a snowy mess along the way!

Create open storage.

The most immediate problem when it comes time to cleaning an entryway for winter is the buildup of snow and moisture that clings to your boots and jackets when you come inside. Leaving your entryway open enough to get good air circulation is crucial to help keep your stuff dry and prevent the buildup of mold and that weird ‘dankness’ that winter coats can get if you’re not careful.

Stop snow before it can come inside.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that still applies even when all you’re trying to do is keep your floor clean! Make sure to get plenty of rugs for your mudroom to catch all the snow and crud that gets tracked inside, and try to keep a mud tray near your shoe racks to help prevent the snow from drying directly on the floor.

Give everyone their own space.

An easy way to avoid clutter and prevent snow from getting everywhere is to make sure everyone in your home has a space to keep their stuff separate from everyone else’s. If you have the room in your mudroom, try to give everyone their own storage cubby or space on a storage bench, or maybe even consider setting up some home lockers to keep everything separate.

Get rid of what you don’t need.

Winter clothing clutter is a pretty common problem this time of year, and an easy way to combat it is to start paring down what you no longer need or wear. Go through your (and your kids’) old piles of coats, boots, hats, and gloves, and whatever doesn’t fit or isn’t needed anymore can be donated to charity to help clear out some space in your house and help the less fortunate.

When in doubt, hook it up.

Not everyone has the same space in their mudroom, but one thing is true: everyone has walls! Get some coat hooks and mount them into the walls whenever you can to add extra space for coats for your family, your guests, or whoever else comes by with a coat to take off.

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