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These days, everyone needs as much help keeping their homes free of any kind of germs, viruses, or other infections as they can get.

We’ve all got our favorite methods of cleaning house and staying organized, but they might actually have more benefits than you’re expecting. Frequent decluttering and re-organization of your home can actually help reduce the spread of illness, especially during times of the year where it seems like everyone is getting sick.

By decluttering your home and cleaning the spaces where that stuff used to be, you can actually keep your surfaces cleaner and reduce the spread of germs or contaminants throughout the house. Frequent reorganizations of your home can help stop dust, allergens, and dirt from building up and creating a potential health hazard for you and your family – and it always feels good to reorganize a little, doesn’t it?


To start, think of it like any other big decluttering project – start clearing your stuff off surfaces. Collectibles you’re showing off, souvenirs from big trips, photos of Great Grampa Henrich, everything should come off your living room tables so you can get to the dirt and dust around it. Wipe everything down with the best disinfectant spray or wipes you have, including the stuff you just took off the table and the tables and shelves themselves, and let it all carefully air-dry to make sure no germs (or streaks) remain.


When you’re trying to keep your home germ free, the actual cleaning is only half the battle. Preventing the build-up of allergens or dirty surfaces will take a little reorganization and decluttering on your part. Think of this as an opportunity to move things around!

For example, for things you absolutely can’t part with, you could consider something like wall shelves to keep them higher up where your family won’t be exposed to the dust immediately. Try to get rid of as much as you can to create freer surface space in your home that will be easier to clean in the future, helping to curb the spread of illness throughout your home.


But why stop at just the everyday clutter that can accumulate in a home? This could be a good opportunity to help rearrange some of the more commonly-used areas in your house to prevent sickness. Entryways, for example, are a pretty common source of dirt and crud coming in from outside, which may bring viruses and germs in with them. Take some time to rearrange your entryway furniture in such a way that you can easily sweep underneath and wipe them down every so often to help keep things clean and healthy.

We’re not saying you need to totally clear off your coffee table and wipe it down every day, by any means. But when flu season or other illnesses roll around, taking some time to do a little early spring cleaning just might help keep your family healthy and stop things from spreading.

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