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Organized Kitchen Counter Top

Out of all the living spaces in the house, the kitchen easily wins the award for most traffic. People are constantly walking through it, cooking, eating, conversing, and busy doing a number of other activities. As a consequence, it makes the area extremely prone to messes. Keeping up with these inopportune clean-ups takes a lot of time and energy; so, to make things easier, we’ve compiled a checklist to ensure your kitchen is following best practice organization strategies.

Categorized Cooking Equipment

Having to fish through one spot is frustrating, especially for storage spaces that are knee-level. With a large range of items used for different facets of cooking like mixing bowls, cutting boards, and frying pans to all keep in mind, there’ s quite a bit of different supplies to work with. For a more stress-free cooking experience, it pays off to take a moment and assess where each facet of cooking equipment should go. The best way to go about doing so is to furnish the room with wire shelving and other space-saving solutions. Install a wall-mounted kit to stock frequently-used essentials for whipping together all types of meals.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Habits

After a trip to the grocery store, make an effort to conserve plastic and paper bags for future use. These can also be used to stash recyclables such as plastic bottles or cans.

3 Shelf Wire Shelving Unit
Extra Space for Dishes and Silverware

Storing plates, forks, spoons, and other utensils in this area is, most of the time, a straightforward process. Kitchen cabinets and drawers built in the home’s infrastructure are usually designated for these areas; however, if you have exceeded your capacity for these, consider a kitchen cart to store residual dishes, bowls, cloths, and other goods. They’re great for creating more space in general, but also ideal for birthday parties to transport cake or pizza to guests.

Don’t Forget the Oven

Baking sheets, aprons, pizza trays, and oven mitts should be stocked in a drawer or cabinet near the oven. If this isn’t a suitable option for your kitchen’s layout, consider mounting a hook on a wall to hang aprons and a small two-to-three shelf wire shelving unit.

Napkins and Towels

Accidents happen. To facilitate easy clean up, keep a fully-stocked napkin container and paper towel rack on the kitchen counter-top.

Tidy Refrigerator

The kitchen refrigerator plays a large part in the way we cook food and choose the type of snack to munch on. It should be organized by beverages, vegetables, cheeses, and meats; additionally, space should be made for lunches and leftover food.

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