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Maybe you’ve got a modest apartment, maybe you have a second non-master bathroom in your house, whatever the case may be the fact remains that not all bathrooms are created equal. If you’ve got a smaller bathroom that could use a little extra storage room for whatever it is you store in your bathroom (hey, we don’t judge!), then read on for a few tips:


Look Out Below!

Bathroom Sink Cabinet Bin Organization

As soon as you’ve run out of counter space, you might be at a loss as to where you could start storing things next. Why not look down for inspiration? If you have counter space under your sink, try keeping some small storage bins down there to better organize all your grooming supplies and free up some room for anything else you need to stash.


Up High


Or if you’d prefer to keep everything eye-level, wall mounted bathroom shelves are an easy and effective way to free up some room on the counter and the floor. Anything you don’t need right by the sink – stuff like soap and toothpaste that you wouldn’t want to have to reach for – can easily be stashed up high on a shelf to save room for things you need at arm’s length. Granted, not everyone will agree on what should go on the shelves, but having them there is the important thing.


Add Some (Magnetic) Personality

How many times have you found yourself losing something small and metallic in the bathroom? Scissors, tweezers, hair pins…the list goes on. Investing in some magnetic strips to go along the wall just above the sink can keep all of these small items in an easy-to-reach and eye-catching place that will hopefully prevent them from getting lost again…and again…and again…


Use Your Door

…for something other than just entering and exiting the room! The door is a frequently overlooked source of wall-space, and could easily be used to hang some shelves or towel racks in a way that keeps them easily accessible but still off the floor and out of the way.


There’s plenty of other ways to increase storage space in the bathroom, but we feel like these are the best (and easiest) places to start if you don’t have a ton of space to work with. You’ll be surprised what a difference being able to keep your hair pins together will make!

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