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Hopefully, if you’re reading this, it means you and your household (be it family, partners, roommates, whoever) have stayed relatively healthy during this whole COVID-19 mess.

Of course, there’s always something to be said for playing it safe, right? You’ve probably purchased some medicine at some point just in case someone starts to come down with something…or maybe you’ve purchased a lot of medicine.

Either way, it needs to go somewhere, but it can be tough to figure out the best place to keep this medicine in a way that’s easily accessible if someone isn’t feeling good, and yet not in the way of things you need more often (like your toothbrush). Starting to sound familiar? Here’s a few tips for medicine storage that might save you and your household a little time and space:


Tips for Storing Medicine During Coronavirus

Look up for safety: Particularly if you have younger kids or particularly curious pets, you’ll want to store medicine as high up out of reach as possible. This can prevent spillage, accidentally taking something that could harm them, or other loss while keeping your family safer.


Avoid moisture: The temptation may be there to store pills and other medicines in the bathroom cabinet (because that’s where they’ve always gone, right?), but this can actually prove detrimental. Many pills can start to rot or lose their effectiveness under moist or hot conditions, so these pills are better kept somewhere more neutral, like a hallway closet.


Keep everything in the original container: Even if you wind up buying a ton of allergy pills from some bulk grocery store, don’t start commingling your medicine with other, different types of medication. Keep everything in their original container or packaging to make sure it stays safe and effective.


Color-coordinate: Let’s say you went all out and bought a bunch of different medications, including allergy pills, cough syrup, and so on. A good way to help you find everything faster is to get small plastic storage bins to organize each medication by type, so you always remember where it is and can get to it faster as soon as it sounds like someone has the sniffles.


Centralize: If you’ve bought multi-packs of decongestants and other medication, a good way to save space is to split them up. Find a hallway closet with some extra closet shelving and keep one of everything on there – the rest can go either on a higher shelf elsewhere, or in storage somewhere climate-controlled to keep them safe and usable for next time.


Hopefully you won’t need to actually crack into your medicine storage anytime soon, but if you do, these should help you get to them more easily and fast enough to prevent the sickness from getting worse!

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