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What Is elfa®?

elfa is the ultimate storage solution for all the rooms in your home. elfa classic can help you with all aspects of storage, even if you want to organize things your own way. elfa storage solutions are efficient space savers that fit basically anywhere. Thanks to elfa’s many different components countless shelving combinations are possible. With the elfa system you can create your own custom shelf solution. Whether in the bedroom, living room, office, garage, or children’s room – elfa shelves help you reclaim space. elfa shelving is made from robust and durable steel components. Your shelves will last for generations and stand up well to normal wear and tear. We’re so sure of elfa’s quality that we offer a 10-year guarantee. elfa shelves are easy to assemble (see instructions below) and even easier to take with you when you move. (if the buyer doesn’t beg you to leave them!)

elfa shelves are strong, sturdy, and durable. Best of all, they don’t collect dust and give you great visibility of their contents!

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