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new year's resolutions

Even if you don’t stick with them, it’s always fun (and occasionally productive!) to set new year’s resolutions for yourself. From working out more to finally starting that novel you wanted to write and everything in between, new year’s resolutions are a great way to get ahead of any goals you’ve wanted to set for yourself. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your resolutions, or maybe you’ve got a little extra space on your list, why not check out our list of resolutions to help keep your home neat and tidy through the new year?


Set A List Of Daily Chores

If you’re not up for major renovation projects but you still want to keep on top of things as the year goes by, this can be a great way to remain productive without turning it into a massive project. Make a list of chores to tackle every day through various points to keep your home clean and tidy – making your bed every morning, gathering dirty laundry and washing the dishes every night, etc. It’s not as important what you do as more making sure that you stick with the list and schedule every day until it becomes routine.


Organize and Renovate The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas for renovation-based new year’s resolutions, and with good reason – it’s often the room that needs the most work! If your kitchen needs some extra kitchen organization supplies, now would be a good time to bring in some extra shelves or kitchen islands to increase the available room. Or if you’d rather make the most of the space you already have, it’s time to do some purging. Throw out some old spices and condiments, sort through and donate all the dishes you don’t use, and make as much room as possible for whatever culinary adventures the next year can bring for you.


Get The Kid’s Room Clean – And Keep It That Way

If you’ve got kids around the house, you know what a process it can be to get their rooms clean, let alone making sure it stays that way. Get some wire shelving or kid’s lockers to bring into their rooms or playroom to help get everything up off the floor and keep it where they can still reach their toys or get to their clothes. You might need to incentivize your kids into helping by offering them some kind of reward, like new toys or letting a friend come over to play in their nice clean room, but whatever you have to do, just try to get it to stay clean. That way it won’t be quite such a project next time!


Above All – Learn To Relax

Okay, so while the rest of these resolutions are things you’ll be glad to have done when they’re over with, you might find yourself a little…stressed out during the process. No matter how many other new year’s resolutions you’ve made, or even if you haven’t actually made any, there’s one you should always keep in mind – just relax! Take some meditation classes, do yoga, maybe even just resolve to take frequent walks outside in the fresh air. Whatever it is you do, take some time this year to learn not to sweat the small stuff and to unwind whenever things seem a bit too tense.

From everyone here at The Shelving Store, have a happy New Year – and good luck with your resolutions!

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