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For much of the country, bicycle season is still a ways away.

The weather isn’t exactly conducive to bike riding, even with the freak warm spells now and again, and for all you bike enthusiasts it means you have to keep your bicycle somewhere.

But what if you don’t have a garage or a storage shed? A lot of urban dwellers who rely on their bikes to get back and forth to work from their condo or apartment need to get a little more creative when it has to go up for the winter.

Starting to sound a little familiar? Here’s a few tips to help keep your bike safe and (perhaps most importantly) up out of the way:


Use The Walls

The most obvious solution is to look on the walls. If you can drill into the walls of your rental property, get a designated bike rack and hang it up wherever you have the space – or wherever you think it can be the most decorative, since we’ve seen them as conversation pieces in living rooms or hanging up near dining room tables. This method might not be viable depending on the terms of your lease, but you should be able to make this work with a little careful planning.


…Or The Ceiling

Similarly, if you don’t have wall space but you do have empty ceiling room, get a couple of durable bike hooks (or if you’re feeling really adventurous, a dedicated hook-and-pulley system) and mount them to the ceiling of a room in your home. This will require extra safety steps to make sure everything is properly fastened but it can serve as an excellent (and unexpectedly decorative) way to keep your bike out of the way during the cold months.


Back of a Door

Similarly, these hooks can be pretty useful on the back of a door. Granted, the size of most bikes means it can’t be a door you actually open all that often, but if you have a back or patio door you don’t use much this time of year, it can become an easy and sturdy bike storage idea.


Underneath the Stairs

Depending on the design of your stairs, you may have exposed areas underneath that can become prime real estate for bike storage. This isn’t an option that will work for all living situations, but is maybe one of the most flexible and portable methods due to how out-of-the way everything will be.


Walkway or Basement

Finally, if hooks aren’t an option, you may just need a safe storage option for leaving your bike in the hallway, walkway, or shared basement of your building. Get a wheel chock stand to leave your bike somewhere safe—and make sure to talk to your landlord to confirm it’s okay.

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