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The bedroom is one of those rooms that always feels like you could be doing something else with it, isn’t it?

No matter how well organized you may be with bedroom dressers and closet organizers already, there’s always something that could be put away a little better than it is already.

Books, phones, other personal things start to take up a lot of space in the bedroom, and it can be hard to know how to organize them in a way that doesn’t clash with the rest of the decor.

This is where open shelving comes in!


Using Open Shelves in the Bedroom


Using open shelving is a combination of decoration and organization, and it can play equally well into both.

When planning on organizing with open shelving, you should start by picking the right shelves. Even if you don’t have a built-in shelving option, using home wall shelves and floating shelving is a great way to add organization in exactly the style you want. Pick a shelf material and/or color that doesn’t clash with the decor of your bedroom – wood or glass are good neutral options, for example.


From there, figure out exactly what you’re going to keep on it. A lot of people focus on open-shelving for display of things they don’t have room for elsewhere, but don’t want to put away – family heirlooms, favorite books they might re-read one day, treasured collectibles, goofy photos. The bedroom can become a perfect place for these, by placing a few shelves along the walls (and high enough over the headboard that you don’t hurt yourself!) to create a home for these pieces.


Open shelving can serve a few more practical purposes, too. A lot of modern homes are foregoing the typical bedroom nightstand in favor of lower-placed open shelving to create a space to set your phone, reading material, and water glass at the end of the night. If you’re still working from home (as many of us are!) and your bedroom had to serve double-duty as a home office, floating shelves placed near your home office desk can help you organize books, reference materials, and other needed work supplies without taking away from your floor space.


And, of course, there’s always the opportunity to use them as closet space. Most of you reading this are probably familiar with the old struggle of having more clothes than you do space, and as a result it can be tough to know exactly where to put everything away. That’s where open shelving can come in handy – keep some of your favorite/most-frequently-worn pieces right out in plain sight where you can grab them, and save the room in your dressers for the bigger stuff that’s hard to put away.

Whatever you do with open shelving in your bedroom, just remember to have fun with it – and remember, you can always change it up later!

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