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With a new baby comes a lot of stuff! Ironically something so tiny really does require a lot of things–and when little one is screaming and crying at 3 a.m., trust me, the last thing you are thinking about is organization. So, prepare ahead of time and create a neat and organized nursery with The Shelving Store.

Chances are baby will have far too many clothes to fit in a dresser so shelving, boxes and bins are ESSENTIAL! I actually turned my daughter’s walk-in closet into the diaper room which worked perfectly. The Shelving Store offers a wide variety of closet storage solutions including countless sizes and dimensions of chrome wire shelving as well as elfa® systems, the most flexible storage concept, which particularly comes in handy as baby grows. Combine shelving and drawers along with our accessories and you will have a complete customized closet.

Shelving is key–not just for the 50 new books you’ll receive at your shower, but for accessories, keepsakes, stuffed animals and toys. Easy access is vital in those first few sleepless months! Freestanding shelves located close to the changing table are really helpful. The top shelf is reserved for diapers, baby wipes, powder, lotion, q-tips, and diaper rash creme. The other shelf can contain bins or boxes to keep socks, hairbrush, nail clippers, and other small items. A smaller shelf could house a lamp, baby monitor, sound machine, or CD player–providing much more room instead of something more conventional like a nightstand.
Organizing baby’s room really can be an east, painless project with the right products from The Shelving Store!

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