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We’re headed deep into the holiday season, and that generally means “people coming over”. Sometimes you can get by with just cleaning up the dining room or living room to accommodate dinner, but other times that means you might have company for longer – and that means you need a guest bedroom!

Sadly, this might require displacing the kids, but if you’ve got a spare bedroom to use for this purpose, you might want to get everything tidied up and organized beforehand. Not sure where to start (or worried about impressing those pesky in-laws)? Never fear, The Shelving Store is here:

Anticipate The Needs Of Your Guests

The first step for organization is to figure out what needs to go where. Take a look around your guest room, or even stay the night if you’re feeling adventurous, and try to identify what you would want in there if you were staying the night. Think of things like a clock/radio, WiFi access, a power strip, pillows, and so on. And once these needs are identified, get them in your guest room!

Provide A Warm Welcome

You know all the old sayings about first impressions, and these go double for extended-stay guests. Revamp your entryway a little to accommodate for more space for things like coat hooks and shoe racks to fit coats and snowboots above and beyond what your family usually stores there.

Make Space For Their Luggage

Don’t go too overboard with providing amenities – you do have to remember they’ll be bringing their own luggage! Outfit their room with some short wire shelving and put some closet shelves up to give them more room for clothes, electronics, and everything else they might have brought with them.

Get Some Extra Toiletries

Just in case your guests forget their own soap or shampoo, you might want to take a trip to the store to get some of those cute travel-sized toiletries and leave them out on your bathroom shelves to give them something to use in the shower. You know…just in case!

Finally, Remember to Be A Good Host

We’re not expecting you to be a four-diamond hotel by any means, but a few extra touches can go a long way for company you’re hosting. Leave out some snacks and accommodations in their room if they get hungry or lonely, and remember to share that wi-fi password!

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