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Cleaning supplies in garage

It’s a conundrum we’ve all faced – cleaning supplies are supposed to keep your home clean, and yet trying to find a place to store them and organize them can make a mess of their own!


As frustrating as this can be sometimes, there’s ways to clean any mess, even a mess made by things that should help you clean! Check out our tips for organizing cleaning supplies and maybe you’ll find yourself a little less stressed when it comes time to clean:


  • Got a lot of sprays, wipes, and cleaning liquids under the sink that need a place to go? Cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins are a cheap and easy way to get those bottles together where they’re not going to take up space and make them easier for you to find!
  • What about other products that tend not to have a home, like vacuums and dusters? If you’ve got the closet space to spare, tuck them in there. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to place them right by where they tend to be used most – keep a vacuum by the living room to clean up pet hair, keep toilet brushes in the bathroom closet, and so on.
  • A lot of cleaning supplies, as you’ve found, tend to be a little strangely-shaped and/or too small to keep safely in a lot of places. If you’ve got a closet or a sink cabinet, some over the door storage racks are the perfect size for things like powdered sink cleaner, sanitary wipes, and more. (Just try not to use these racks in a food pantry or anything – you don’t want to store cleaning supplies next to where you keep dinner!)
  • In a similar vein, a lot of cleaning products like bleach need to be stored safely and away from other products (and anything you don’t want bleach touching, like food or clothes). Chrome wire shelving is a good solution for storing these products safely and out of the way. For added safety, you can use wire shelving label holders to label what shelf holds what item to help keep them separate.
  • But what if you don’t have any extra closet space? Find some unused wall space somewhere out of the way – a second bathroom, an empty wall in the laundry room, the entryway – and put up some wall mounted wire shelves or wall mounted shelving to create a “cleaning command center” with all of your most-used products kept right where you need them to be.


Whatever solution works best for you, the most important thing is to make sure it reduces stress when you need to find that extra bottle of dish soap (or whatever you’re looking for) – the rest is up to you!

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