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Make Room for the Car this Memorial Day weekend!

Perhaps one of the last places you think about organizing is the garage, but chances are that the garage’s original purpose of storing your car may not be living up to its definition with all of your clutter. The good news is warm weather is here and the garage can be organized quickly and easily. Whatever the item, take the time to organize storage of tools, lawn machinery, bikes, patio furniture, Christmas decorations…or whatever you “hide” in your garage space.
Placing durable freestanding shelving units for storing tools and other heavier household items will do wonders for getting things off the floor. Add wall mounted shelving for those items to which quick accessibility is needed. Use wall space instead of floor space and hang up as many large items as possible.

Cleaning out the garage also significantly helps the resale of your home. HGTV offers this advice on selling your home. “Don’t forget the garage (and basement). It’s tempting to stash stuff away in these areas of the home, but when you’re selling, they have to be neat and clean too!”

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