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The big day is coming! Christmas is right around the corner, Santa Claus is loading up his sleigh and getting his reindeer all strapped in, and as soon as the kids calm down and go to sleep there will be visions of sugarplums dancing in everyone’s heads.

But as you settle down for that long winter’s nap, you begin to look around and see things are a little…cluttered. You’re about to have Santa coming down that chimney and laying his gifts under the tree, and you don’t want to get in the way of him spreading holiday cheer, right?

So let’s make it a little easier on everyone and make that living room a little more tidy for the haul of presents you’re expecting, here’s a few quick ideas to reorganize your living room when Santa Claus comes to town:

Make Room Around The Fireplace: Santa’s usual MO is to come down the chimney, and it makes sense – it’s right near his landing zone, it’s easy to access, and the fireplace is usually right near the Christmas tree so he can make his deliveries and get back out. We can make it a little easier on the big guy by clearing out the room around it: clear off your mantels, move your coffee tables out of the way, and try to keep a clear path straight to the tree so he has room to leave his goods. Of course, this begs the question…

What If You Don’t Have A Fireplace? Some of us growing up (like yours truly) didn’t have a functioning fireplace as kids (as a matter of fact, the area where our fireplace used to be was sealed off behind drywall) so Santa had to visit our homes the old-fashioned way. If this is the case for you, just try to leave a clean entryway: set out a mat for him to kick the snow off his boots, maybe put up some coat hooks for him to leave his bag of presents while he sets everything down, and try to declutter the entryway a bit so he can fit everything he’s bringing through the front door. (We know he’s magic, but what if it only works on chimneys?)

Focus on the Tree: Of course, however he’s getting into your house, his goal is the same: to get those presents under the tree! If you haven’t already had to totally relocate your living room furniture to accommodate your tree, now might be a good time to move some stuff around and clear space for all those presents you’re going to see under the tree when you get back. Clear out a good corner of space, make sure Santa has a walking path for all of his packages, and don’t worry too much about putting it all back right away – when your kids wake up tomorrow you’ll be too busy seeing the looks on their faces (and cleaning up after their wrapping paper) to care.

Remember the Milk and Cookies: Of course, we all want to thank Santa for his efforts with a little something extra, and we all know milk and cookies are his favorite (granted, how we found that out is something of a mystery). However you’ve had to rearrange for his arrival, make sure to set one of your end tables aside to keep his milk and cookies, and maybe space for him to leave a letter to your kids.

However you celebrate, we here at TSS wish you the happiest holiday you can have! (And Santa will thank you for all of the thought you put into his arrival, too!)

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