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A lot of us that own tools and hardware take for granted that we’ll have a garage to store them all in—but what if we don’t?

In most of America, the garage is typically considered the place where you keep your hand tools, lawn implements, and the like (and frequently not where your car goes, despite your best intentions) and it makes organizing these things much easier.

Of course, if you don’t have a garage, you might find yourself looking for options. Don’t fret—organizing tools without a garage is easier than you might expect! Here’s a few of our favorite ideas, and how they might work in your home:


Convert a dresser: If you have a bedroom dresser you’re not using, this can easily be converted into an impromptu toolbox. You might want to reinforce the bottoms so they can support the weight, and installing some shelf casters will make it mobile like that old Craftsman your dad had. All you have to do then is sort each tool and help it find a home!


Think with magnets: Magnetic wall organizers are a great (and space-saving) way to hold onto smaller hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers to keep them safely where you can get to them without fear of losing them under a cabinet, or them getting into the wrong hands.


Roll with it: Rolling carts like bar carts can easily become mobile tool storage in the home if you’re not already keeping your favorite mixers on one. Load one up with the tools you use most and help move it around your house to keep you working!


Find a bare wall: A lot of garage storage systems and tool racks work just as well on the walls of your basement or spare room as they would out in the garage that you don’t have. So long as the walls can support the weight, set these up along the wall and hang your longer tools from it safely within reach.


Use an unused closet: Spare closets can become easy places for tool storage if you have the room. Set up some kind of peg wall or storage hooks, and then use over the door storage to stash your smaller tools, nails/bolts, and the like!


Have you had to organize your tools without a garage nearby? Leave a comment below with your ideas and tips!

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