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No matter how much use you got out of your RV, conversion van, or camper for the year, the time will always come where you need to get it a little more tidied up for the year.

Organizing an RV manages to combine all the challenges of cleaning out your car, as it does organizing certain parts of your home as the seasons change – two things that nobody can really say they enjoy, right?

But the time comes, especially when you’re not going to be using it much until camping season starts again, where you’ll want to hop in there and get everything tidied up and put away. Here’s a few of our favorite RV and camper organization tricks, and what you’ll need to get them done:


Camper & RV Organization Tips


Take stock of everything you don’t need in your RV right now

Particularly when camping season comes to an end and you won’t be in the camper as often, go through and take a look at what you have in there – and what could be taken back out. Electronics, dishes, kitchen/cooking utensils, and other multipurpose items could be brought back into your house to stop them from getting in the way later.


Look into all your unused space

From there, you’ll want to see how much room you have in your RV to add extra storage. Look inside cupboards, on bare walls, or even on the other side of doors to see where you could add extra storage like wire wall shelves or over the door storage to keep things a little more tidy when camping season rolls back around.


Focus on multi-purpose storage

Due to the limited space available inside an RV, you’ll need to use storage tools that can serve a few different purposes. For example, a baker’s rack can both add extra kitchen storage space for cooking utensils, and give you a hard surface (like a butcher’s block) for both preparing food as well as serving it.


Think vertically

Whatever it is you need to organize in your RV, you’re probably not looking at a ton of floor space. Things like wall shelves, stackable storage bins, or even taller bookcases can come in handy to create more vertically-oriented storage that doesn’t get in the way of everything else you have to fit in there.


Don’t overpack, and never leave it behind

One of the leading causes of clutter in RVs and campers is the epidemic of bringing too much stuff. Check through every nook and cranny (including drawers, cabinets, behind doors, and the like) to look for remnants of the time you needed to bring, like, three different sweaters on a trip with you, bring them all back into the house, and try to remember to not overpack so much next time.

After this, your RV should be all cleaned out to use next time – and way easier to keep organized when you do!

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