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When decorating your home, it’s important not to forget about the patio. It is an area where people gather to talk, relax, and enjoy each others company, so it should look just as appealing as the rest of the home.

Make it more inviting by decorating with colorful, lush plants. You can display them on shelving that is able to stay outdoors, such as SI Chrome Wire Units. This steel-plated, metal shelving is durable enough to withstand the changing weather, while continuously looking stylish and attractive. Two or four shelf chrome wire units would be perfect for holding plants or drinks and food for guests. Place an 8″ deep by 8″ wide three shelf chrome wire unit at each corner of the patio and fill them with bright, fun flowers and other plants. This will create a perimeter around the patio, and enclose it without taking up too much space.

Next time you decide to redecorate a room in the house, choose your patio. There is plenty of opportunity for creativity and fun when decorating and enhancing your outdoor seating area.

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