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P’Kolino Kids Storage Products are the newest addition to The Shelving Store Family of premium home organization products.

Kids rooms are often the source of much clutter and disorganization, which is where P’Kolino comes in. Kids hate cleaning, but P’Kolino makes cleaning easy because the products are designed to be fun and functional! The P’Kolino kids cubes and ottomans offer a fun way for kids to stack and store their toys and clothing, and double as unique box chair where kids and their friends can play.

The P’Kolino Clothing Tree looks like a fun tree to use in play-time, but can store coats, umbrellas, purses and even belts! P’Kolino also offers play kits that allow kids and parents to store all supplies needed for a particular game, craft or activity in a separate plastic box. With several fun colors to choose from, these play kits are sure to enhance playtime.

Keep Your Kid’s Room Organized
– The Shelving Guy

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