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From sunscreen and goggles to big pool floaties, it’s crucial to have an organized space in your garage or shed for all of the fun pool games and items that we often allow to clutter our space.

But how can you even organize a pool noodle?

There are many ways to organize all things pools; the key is finding the products that work best for your space – whether it be your garage, shed, or a closet inside your home.


Pool Storage in the Garage or Shed

Utilize hooks

Tired of goggles being a tangled mess? A quick and easy way to keep your children’s favorite goggles tangle-free is to utilize a coat rack or J-hooks. These are also a great option for wet towels that need to dry before stowing away!


Wall-Mounted Shelves

Not only will wall-mounted shelving free up floor space in your garage, wire wall-mounted shelves can be adjusted to fit whatever your space demands. These shelves are perfect for storing pool toys, floaties, sunscreen, and whatever your other pool needs are! Another option that is perfect for any humid garage or shed, is rust-proof wire shelving. Available in multiple dimensions, rust-proof shelving will keep your shelving from rusting, cracking, and increase the longevity of the shelving in humid areas.

Pro tip: Add shelf liners to any wire shelving to keep small items like sunscreen or goggles from falling through the wire cracks!


Storage Bins

Although we all would love an endless summer, the end of the season always seems to happen in the blink of an eye. Storage bins are perfect for prepping for the arrival of fall (and making room for the leaf blower!). Available in numerous sizes and depths, store your towels and big floaties in the right bin for you. Easy to to stow away, stay organized, and preserve your favorite summer items, you can never go wrong with a standard storage bin.

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