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putting away clothing

Tomorrow (September 22nd) is the first official day of autumn, and while we might still have another week or two of nice weather, it does mean it’s time to start putting your summer clothes away. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in one of those warm states, you’re not going to need those shorts and tank tops much longer, and you might be wondering just what to do with them.


Never fear! As always, The Shelving Store is here with some handy organizational advice for getting your summer clothes tucked away nice for when those golden days return again next year. In the meantime, here’s some tips to get everything put away!


Ask Yourself If You Can Still Wear It: The first step is to figure out what exactly needs to get put away. Most t-shirts can probably still be worn, but tank tops might not be needed (except for workout clothes and maybe pajamas). Bright-colored dresses and suits tend not to be too wearable through fall and winter, so those can go up, but more neutral pieces can be worn through the year with the right accessories.


Sort By How It Needs To Be Stored: Not everything can be put away the same way, and a good way to start with the organizing is to sort your clothes by how they need to be put away. Light jackets, dresses, and so on would likely need to be hung up, whereas shirts and shorts can just be folded up and tucked away in a drawer somewhere – but keep it loose to prevent creasing!


Figure Out Where They’ll Be Stored: Next, you need to decide where it’s going to go! For more delicate pieces, you might want to look around for local dry cleaners or storage facilities that offer seasonal clothing storage just to make sure your dresses and such stay safe. Otherwise, consider getting some bedroom dressers to hold your folded goods, clear out some closet space for everything on a hanger, and pull together some plastic storage bins for stuff like sandals, sunglasses, and so on.


Remember The Kids’ Rooms: Odds are your little ones will have some stuff they don’t need anymore either – swimsuits, sandals, and more. Help them figure out what they won’t be wearing for the next few months and get them tucked away in an unused dresser drawer, or maybe in a kid’s locker to free up room for the stuff they’ll be needing through the rest of the year.


Finally, Get Out The New Stuff: Once your summer wear is all tucked away safely, it’s time to move on to the stuff you’ll be wearing until the weather turns again. After you’ve freed up room in your dresser and closet, head back up to the attic to get out your sweaters, coats, and boots. You might not need them right this second, but as soon as the weather turns you’ll be glad you got them down!

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