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As various states begin to ease restrictions as they see the number of coronavirus cases decrease, you might find yourself asking: am I ready to have company over again?

 A lot of us probably got a touch of cabin fever during quarantine, and with the weather warming up, you’ve likely given a bit of thought to when you can start having company back over, and how safe it could be. If you’re considering welcoming people into your home but you’re trying to find ways to make it a little safer and cleaner for everyone, we’ve got an idea of where to start – with your entryway!


A Cleaner, Safer Entryway

For many homes, the entryway is the first thing your guests see when they arrive. While it’s usually nice to have a clean and tidy entryway to help people feel welcome (and get a good first impression of your house), the entryway is going to take extra importance in the post-coronavirus world.


This importance mostly comes from the fact that you can use entryways to store things like jackets and shoes that were recently worn outside. While our knowledge of COVID-19 seems to change by the day (as is often the case with new, never-before-seen disease strains), one thing a lot of businesses and residences have focused on is trying to avoid bringing anything unwanted back in the house with you.

Whether it’s workplaces providing shoe guards for their employees, or people keeping a closer eye on where their jackets go when they arrive, the entryway can go a long way towards keeping your home clean and curbing the intrusion of any unwanted surface matter such as dirt, germs, or anything you may have come into contact with in the outside world.


As a result, it’s probably time to beef up your entryway storage a bit. Space permitting, see if you have the room for things like a guests-only shoe rack (so nobody is tracking extra dirt into the house), or extra coat hangers for your guests to use, separate from where the rest of your family keeps their coats.

Of course, this isn’t the only step you should take to keep your family safe from COVID-19 if you are welcoming people back into your home – frequent sanitization of surfaces and increased hand-washing will go a long way too. But it’ll be nice to know that, even if you do have company over, you can stop them from bringing any surprise guests with them, right?

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