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When it’s time to get ready to move, you may find yourself having some…mixed feelings about the whole thing.

There’s the excitement of the move. There’s the anticipation of your new surroundings. There’s the anxiety about getting set up somewhere else. And somewhere along the way is the dawning realization that you’re going to have to sell your current house.

Even if you’ve got the best team of realtors working on finding a buyer, the selling process can be a huge pain when you still have things in your current home. One of the fastest ways to help sell your home is to keep it organized, tidy, and de-cluttered when showing it off to potential buyers, and we’ve got a few tips right here to show it off in just the right way to land a sale:

Study your entire house

The first mistake a lot of home sellers make is trying to tackle the entire home in one big job, and that’s just going to lead to burnout and things being unfinished. Start at the front of the house, go room-by-room and figure out what still needs to be done to make the home more presentable to buyers and how long it will take to do it.

Focus on the closets

One of the most commonly-prioritized things a buyer looks for in a home is the amount of closet space, and organized closets are the best way to show off what kind of space they’re looking at. Empty your closets out so they can get a good feel for whatever space you have to offer, and show off any closet organization you have installed as an added bonus. (This might also be a good time to donate anything you’ve had buried in your closet for a while.)

Empty out your bookcases

In a lot of cases, bigger items like bookcases don’t wind up making the trip to the new house just for the sake of transportability, or maybe the new house comes pre-equipped with bookshelves. If you’re leaving your bookcases behind for the new tenants, make sure to empty them out to make them look ready for sale and give a better idea of what size they are in case the new buyer wants to use them for something else.

Purge the basement and attic

Don’t feel bad, we all do it, but in a lot of cases the basement and attic of a home is where stuff goes to never see the light of day again. Take some wire shelving and organize everything as best you can to clear floor clutter and give a better idea of what the basement looks like while you’re still in the process of moving. This could also provide the perfect excuse to finally throw out everything that’s been languishing down there that you haven’t used in a few years either.

Make your office look professional

Home offices are an increasingly popular sight in modern houses due to the amount of work people tend to do outside of the office these days, and if your home has an office it could do a lot to attract the right buyer by sprucing it up and making it look productive. Clear off shelves, polish up the desk (or take it out of the room if you’re keeping it so buyers can see how big the office itself is), set up some home office organization to show off how productive your space can be, and above all else just make it look like you can get things done in there. That’s the point of a home office, right?

Clean up that bathroom

Finally, we hate to say it, but few things turn a potential buyer off faster than a dirty bathroom. Scrub the grout, polish the mirror, clean off the sink tap and basin, set up some bathroom organization like towel racks to provide some organization options for the new tenants, and overall just try to not let it look…gross. (You know what we mean.)

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