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Cleaning supplies in garage

One of the biggest ironies about cleaning your house is that you often make a bigger mess while doing so. If you use any cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, anti-bacterial sprays, linoleum cleaners, and the like, you might find yourself having a hard time finding places to safely store them when you’re done. Use these ideas to help cut down on the cleaning clutter and give your cleaning chemicals a safe place to stay:


Designate A Safe Place For Storage

The first step is to find a safe, out-of-the-way place to keep everything. Many people tend to keep their cleaning supplies under the sink, and while this isn’t a bad idea you might run the risk of younger children or pets accidentally being able to get into them. If you have the room in a closet or laundry room, some wall-mounted shelves would provide a good alternative to keep them out of the kitchen and away from curious hands. And if that isn’t an option, mounting shelves underneath your sink will provide extra organization and space capacity to fit more down there, where space is likely at a premium.


Another big part of safe cleaning supply storage is to make sure you keep them on the right materials. Depending on how harsh your cleaning supplies can be, you’ll want to avoid keeping them on wood or certain plastics to avoid damage or staining. Chrome shelving is a good option thanks to its durability and how easy it is to clean.


Know What Chemicals You’re Storing

A big thing to watch out for, to ensure safety, is to make sure that chemicals are stored safely next to similar chemicals to avoid any sort of bad reaction. If you’re storing things carefully this won’t be a huge problem, but it’s always best to be safe. Keep liquid cleaning products around other liquids, keep powdered cleaning products around other powders, and make sure to read the warning labels very carefully to make sure all your cleaning products play well with each other.


Organize According To Use

After you designate a safe place to keep them and you’ve got them all stored in a place where they won’t react poorly in the event of a spill, the next step is to organize them by how frequently they’re used, and what they’re used for. If you find yourself reaching for the glass cleaner far more than you do the brass polish, it makes sense to keep that right up front where you can get to it more easily. And on the other hand, if you don’t get the oven cleaner out as often as some of the other products, that could probably go up on a higher shelf to free up some space below.


Whatever it is you need to clean, these tips should help keep your cleaning supplies safe and out of the way until the next time you need them!

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