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As the school year begins, teachers, parents, and schools alike are all struggling to figure out exactly how to handle the return to class.

Many schools have gone fully-digital, many have adopted a blended approach (half-virtual, half-in-person), but a rare few are still forced to have their classes in-person for a variety of reasons. This may lead to your student needing to move into a dorm, which can be a bit of a hassle even under ideal circumstances – and will require a lot of caution to safely pull off these days.

If your student still needs to move into a dorm during the pandemic to finish their education, here’s a few ways you can make the process a little easier – and safer.


Moving Into Dorms During The Pandemic

Sterile surfaces

If your student is bringing anything with them to make it easier, like shelves, desks, or dorm storage, make sure to use surfaces like wire shelves or metal shelves that are easier to clean and can prevent the growth of bacteria. The science is still out on how well COVID-19 (and other related diseases) are transferred via surface contact, so any extra storage your students bring with them should be as easy to clean as possible, just to be on the safe side.


Make a plan to help your students move

Due to the social distancing requirements brought on by the pandemic, many colleges are limiting the amount of family members that can be present on campus at any given time, including to help your students move in. Contact their school and see who can tag along with them, and make sure to prioritize who will be the most help moving (like a big brother or sister that can do some of the heavy lifting).


Figure out the schedule

Similarly, a lot of schools are limiting the times that people can be on-campus to help move, as well as moving forward the state date to make sure everyone has time to move in – and, above that, many schools are requiring appointments as well to limit the number of extra family members and helpers. Before you drive all the way to school, make sure you know when – and how – you can get there.


Design your dorm for social distancing

While the designs of most dorms are pretty well laid-out by the time you get there, there’s still some things you can place and lay out yourself, and right now this layout is more important than ever. No matter how much your student may like their dorm-mates, keeping a safe distance from them (as well as any potential visitors they may bring in) will be critical to keeping everyone healthy.

Once you’ve gotten all this figured out, the next trick is to, well…get through the school year. Easier said than done, even during a pandemic, but we believe in your students!

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