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Garages are one of the easiest places in a home to get super cluttered and unorganized. It is just so big and there is so much open space to just throw things in and not worry about. You may start with an organized garage, but as time goes on, clutter just seems to find its way into the garage and before you know it, your car won’t even fit into the garage anymore, or you may not even be able to close your garage, like me.

So for the LAST DAY of our garage storage sale, here are some tips and tricks to keeping your garage organized!

If you have a garage, I am sure it looks similar to this. Personally, my garage does not connect to the house, but other than that, the layout is pretty much the same. This is an ideal garage. It is recommended to have 6 areas of storage in your garage.

Area 1: The Transition Zone

They say that this area is meant for anything you might need when you leave the house: coats, shoes, bags, anything that is used pretty daily. It is a perfect place to put right by a door if you have one, but if you don’t have a door, you can move this space to the opening of the garage or anywhere that can be conveniently accessed.


locker cubbies

mud roomCubbies such as this are perfect for this first zone. You have a space for your coats, bags, backpacks, shoes, and what ever else you may need on a daily basis. But if these seem too difficult to build yourself, you can buy these colorful lockers and make your own cubby unit.




Area 2: Need It Now

This is a designated are for items you need everyday, such as animal food, canned food, recyclables, or bulk food items that don’t fit in the pantry.


hanging bins

This is a smart and space saving way to store your recycling bins if you don’t have the large, rolling one.

<– This is a perfect example of what this area might look like.  All you really need is a simple wire shelf. You can put anything you need on these shelves that you need daily, so they are close to the door and accessible if needed (if you have a door).





Area 3: Long, Tall, and Thin Storage

This area of your garage is meant for all of your long, tall, and thin items. These may include rakes and shovels, or mops and brooms. It is the perfect place to store such things because it keeps them organized and out of the way.

yardSomething such as this is perfect for area 3. It allows everything to have a place, yet it keeps them out of the way so you can actually fit a car into your garage! You can customize your very own storage area to accommodate all of your long, tall, and thin storage items.


Area 4. Large Item Storage

This area is for all of the items you use once or twice a year. Those things that you want to get rid of, but you know you’ll need them again. Items such as holiday decorations or camping gear.

319x424x25-garage-organizing.jpg.pagespeed.ic.mUz9UrI3e4All you need for this area is a wire shelving unit that fits your storage area and some bins, then you are all good to go!

Area 5: Frequently Used Items

These are is for the things you use a lot! The things such as sports equipment and bikes. This area is strategically placed right by the garage opening so that it is easy to access all of your favorite things.

From Ball Claws to Bike Racks to Golf Racks, you can find whatever kind of storage you need for sports equipment here.

bikesball clawasbaseballgolf clubs

Area 6: The Workspace

The final area in your garage is a place where you will want to be. Whether you like gardening or fixing cars, you can do whatever you want with this space.

chalkboard cabinetsI think that this work station is pretty cool because it has chalkboard cabinets, which would be super cool because you can label the compartments to stay organized, but it’s a chalkboard so you can make it look nice if you wanted.







This is another idea for a work station that involves tools. I think this is super cool, simple, and smart. You just use nails to hang up your tools, trace around them and then when you need to use them you know exactly where to put them back. I think that’s pretty genius.





jarsI think these jars are awesome. All you have to do is glue the lid of an old peanut butter jar or any other jar that has a screw on lid and you have having storage bins! They don’t just have to be used for screws either. You can use them for seeds if you’re a gardener, or crayons if you like crafts.








Hopefully these suggestions have inspired you to reorganize that garage so you can fit your car in! And we want to help! Make sure to visit our website for our special sale on garage storage items.




Special thank to Inspired Organization for the different zones.

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