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small dressing room storage

Whether we saw a giant walk-in closet in a movie or got jealous of a video tour showing some actress’ mansion, a lot of us have thought about making a dressing room in our homes.

For many of us, the idea of building a monstrous walk-in closet is a pipedream that can only be accomplished if we suddenly hit the Powerball. But it’s not as much of an impossibility as you might think!

In order to create the perfect dressing room, all you need is a little space and some creativity. Maybe you have a guest room or kid’s bedroom you don’t use that often, maybe there’s part of the laundry room you can move your clothes into—whatever space you have can be turned into a dressing room or walk-in closet with a little imagination and some careful planning!

Here’s a few ideas to get started:


Use your current storage: Odds are there’s already something in the room that you’ll be turning into a dressing room, and you can use a lot of this to your advantage. For example, if you’re using an old guest room that needs to be turned into a dressing room, it probably already has a closet—go ahead and pop the door off the closet for easier access, and set up extra shelves or closet organization as needed. If there’s shelves in there, assess whether or not they’ll be useful for your clothes collection and go from there.


Line the walls: The trick with dressing rooms is to leave enough space in the center of the room so you can actually, you know, get dressed. What that means is that you should take advantage of the open wall space to create storage opportunities around the perimeter of the room to leave enough space on the floor for you to get ready. Bedroom dressers are perfect for this, as they can sit flat against the wall to help you store everything that can be folded.


Look up: After bringing some dressers in, you can use the remaining wall space above your dressers to hang wall shelves to keep accessories, makeup, and anything that can be folded safely. If you have a lot of room between the ceiling and your dresses, try to repurpose some coat hooks for items that need to be hung up.


Take a seat: At some point in the process of getting dressed you’ll probably want to sit down to help finish getting ready. If you have the floor space, why not find a seat that can do double-duty like an entryway bench which can organize some of your shoes as well?


Get centered: Finally, once the walls are taken care of, you might have some floor space left to play around with. Set up an end table or coffee table in the middle of the room with some bathroom organizers for makeup storage to create an easy-to-use vanity! This way you can get (almost) all the way ready without leaving your dressing room!


Did you create a dressing room or walk-in closet at your house? Let us know how in the comments!

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