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While it may have seemed unthinkable within the last few months, it actually looks like a few places are starting to open back up.

Parks, restaurants, even movie theaters – it’s weird how excited we all are to go back to the places we used to take for granted. Perhaps less exciting among these is the idea that many of us will be back at our offices sooner than later, as businesses look to get back to normal.


Of course, that’s not the case for everyone, and as many companies try to figure out just what the heck they’re doing over the next few weeks, some of us are still working from home. And as we’ve all learned over the past 2-3 months, working from home brings a lot of unique and specific challenges that none of us were really prepared for.

By now, though, you’ve hopefully got a good idea of what you need from a home office, and hopefully what you can do to get your office where you need it to be. If you’re facing a few more weeks of working from home, now might be the time to spruce it up a bit just in case you still need it now, or in the future.


The first thing to ask yourself is where have I been working? Were you one of the poor souls stuck at the dinner table every morning with your company-issued laptop, or did you get a chance to actually set up a home office? If you’re still working from home, or plan to again in the future, now might be the time to consider getting yourself an actual home office desk to make the whole thing easier on you the next time this happens.


Furthermore, what supplies did I figure out I needed? Did you have to rush to the store to buy a whole bunch of Post-It Notes and a wrist brace before you got started working? Now might be the time to stock up – go find yourself a desk organizer and fill it with everything you need now, before it’s too late.


Finally, you need to ask yourself: do I have a space completely devoted to working? A lot of us tended to just roll out of bed and flip the laptop on, and while that might’ve been great for our sleep schedules, it can really get in the way of productivity. If you know you’ve got some time spent working from home ahead of you, it might be more helpful for you to finally set up a space that’s just a home office, instead of a combination office-living room-daycare-dog playroom. (Not that this has happened to us.) Find a space where you can carve out some room for your home office furniture and get down to business, for as long as you have to.

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