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Clawfoot tubs. They’re beautiful, they’re vintage, they add a unique vibe to your home’s master bathroom…and they take up a ton of space and make it pretty hard to get organized.

It’s not really something most people think about. After all, a bathtub is a bathtub, right? And while they might allow for showers just like every other tub does, it can be hard to get your shower stuff organized.


We all take it for granted, but the more modern style of recessed-wall bathtubs allows for a lot more storage and ease of access to things like soap and shampoo while you’re in the shower. Clawfoot tubs tend to sit away from the wall with nothing around them except the shower head and some empty space between you, the wall and the sink.

So what does this mean for you? Well, for starters, it’s going to be a lot more awkward trying to keep your shower supplies close at hand, and it could make storage in your bathroom a little harder to work with overall. If you have a clawfoot bathtub and all of these are starting to sound a little familiar, we’ve got a few ideas that may help.


The biggest trick when adding storage to a bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub is to try and keep everything close at hand. Depending on how far your bathtub is from the wall, you could consider some glass wall shelves (as glass will respond better to the humid conditions of your average bathroom than something like wood or metal) mounted into the closest wall to the bathtub. You can use these to store things like shampoo, sponges, and anything else you’ll want to reach while you’re in the tub without splashing water everywhere.


If you’re not the sort to drill holes in a wall, you could also use corner shelving in a similar way. Corner shelves can be set up to either side of a clawfoot tub to allow easier access to shower accessories without having to sit them on the floor next to the tub beforehand. You’ll want to make sure your corner shelves aren’t made of a material that can easily rust or warp from the conditions of a bathroom, but these can come in very handy.


But what if you don’t have room for either of those, and you still need something to help you get your shower tools organized. If you’re feeling a little crafty, it’s easy to make a DIY shower caddy that doesn’t need to hang on an adjacent wall like so many others do. Grab a few wire baskets and mount them onto the pipe that connects the head to the tub with some zip-ties to create a series of baskets that can hold your shampoo and razors without needing to use wall space. Just make sure not to overload them to avoid damaging the pipe you need.

Hopefully with a few of these tips, you can get your clawfoot bathtub organized better than ever before. Isn’t it nice to know you won’t have to replace your whole tub out of frustration?

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