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Love it or hate it, we all have company sometimes.

Relatives come to visit, kids come home from college with baskets of laundry in tow, holiday parties last a little too long and someone needs a couch to sleep on, it happens to everyone.

While it’s always a good idea to keep some extra accommodations around for company like towels, blankets, and the like, it can be hard to find a place to keep them, particularly if they need to be separate from the rest of your linens for whatever reason.

If you find yourself frequently trying to find space for your guest accommodations (particularly if you don’t have the luxury of a guest room to keep them in), here’s a couple of tips we’ve pulled together to keep everything nice and tidy:


Figure out where your guests are going to stay.

A good first step to planning storage of your extra blankets is to figure out where your guests are most likely to stay. Is everyone staying on a pull-out couch bed in the living room? Do you have a guest room or an unused extra bedroom (after the kids have moved out, for example) that they can stay in? Identifying your visitors’ likely nesting place will help inform a lot of the storage decisions you make from there.


Make an inventory of your guest accommodations.

From there, you’ll want to take stock of what accommodations you have to provide. Do you have a full bed with its own set of sheets and pillows, or just a guest blanket and spare pillow? Will towels or bathing supplies be provided? Ask yourselves these questions as soon as you can to help eliminate any mystery.


Identify extra room in the guest area.

A good way to keep your guest accommodations close at hand is to see if there’s any extra room in the area they’re sleeping in. If you have a guest room available, try to set aside the bottom drawer or two of a bedroom dresser to hang onto everything. Wall shelves are a good touch in situations like this as well since they’re up and out of the way, and if worse comes to worse there’s always the bathroom or hallway closet.


Find out-of-the-way areas.

Of course, if you’re too busy trying to store blankets for the people that live in your house, this might be a bit more daunting a task, so identifying any extra space you may have is critical here. Room under the bed? Space in the basement? Unused shelf in the kids’ closets? Just leaving them draped across the couch before it becomes a pull-out? You might have to use a little imagination to find just the right hiding place for these blankets.


Keep your blankets clean in storage.

Of course, if a blanket is being stashed in the closet, it’s bound to get a little…funky if it’s not used properly. Take it out for seasonal washings even if it hasn’t been used, try to keep an air freshener and a moisture trap in the closet to prevent mildew or moldy odors, and when you know you’re going to need them, try to give them a wash (or at least a quick Febreze-ing) before they’re unveiled.


Wash after use.

Finally, whatever blankets and pillowcases you might have lent out to your guests, don’t think anyone will be offended by you washing them right afterwards. They might wind up staying in storage longer than you think, and a good washing will prevent unwanted smells and/or reduce wear and tear in the long run.

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