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It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – time to panic, right?

Not quite, my friend! No matter how much (or little) time you have before the relatives start trickling in – heck, they might already be here, given how hard it always is for mom to get around this time of year – and you might still have some work to do around the house.

Sounds pretty overwhelming, right? It doesn’t have to be if you know where to focus! Presented here is a quick checklist of things to tidy up around the house to keep your Thanksgiving guests comfortable and happy to be there, no matter how long they might be sticking around:

The Bathroom

  • Are you all stocked up on hand towels and/or guest towels? What about soaps or lotions?
  • Do you have enough bathroom shelving to keep these products right nearby so nobody has to dig around in your cabinets? (Trust us, that’s awkward for everyone.)
  • If your guests are staying long-term, did they bring their own towels or do you need to furnish some? Will they know where they are?
  • Let’s all be adults and ask ourselves: is there enough toilet paper for everyone?

The Living Room

  • Where is everyone sitting? Do you need to move some furniture around?
  • Are you eating in the living room or do you have enough space in your dining room? Will you need to set up some extra sofa tables or end tables so everyone can set their plates and drinks down?
  • How’s the TV setup? As soon as people start crowding around to watch Netflix or the big game (hey, sorry, we’re still Lions fans no matter what), will everyone have an easy time using your TV or do you have a super complicated cable box/streaming situation?
  • Is someone going to have to sleep on that old pull-out couch? Do you have blankets for them? How…clean is that couch, really?

The Dining Room

  • This depends on how the living room question went, but if you are eating in the dining room, do you have the space for everyone? Does your table extend? (A lot more of them do than you might expect – it never hurts to check!)
  • What about serving the actual food? Can you set up any buffet tables or serving carts to hold side dishes and desserts to prevent extra trips to the kitchen when old uncle whats-his-name goes back for thirds?
  • Chairs! Get more chairs! Everyone has folding chairs out in the garage, it’s okay if you need to bring some of those in – your kids will understand. (Not like this has happened to us.)
  • Finally – plates and silverware. Does everyone have enough for eating? Will we have to get out the plastic forks, or at least the cheaper stuff you didn’t buy at Restoration Hardware that you don’t mind company using?

It might look like a lot, but these will help you focus on the immediate problems in the most frequently-used rooms of the house. You can get through it – and from all of us here at The Shelving Store to all of you out there, happy Thanksgiving!

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