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Over the door storage is an extremely versatile but still sometimes unappreciated form of storage. From shoe racks to pantry organization, over the door storage can work in a lot of room of your house to get items of many sizes organized, decluttered, and otherwise tidied up.

You probably read “shoe racks” and thought “sure, the back of a closet door is a great place for one of those” and while you’d be right, there’s a lot more you can do with over the door storage if you use your imagination! Here’s a few tips, tricks, and ideas to make over the door storage work in every room of your house:

Extra bathroom organization

We all know how cluttered the bathroom can get – and how fast it can get that way if you’re not careful. Use over-the-door storage on the back of a bathroom closet door or the bathroom door itself to store smaller things like bandages, ointments, and extra toothbrushes, as well as keeping more dangerous items like medications and nail polish out of the reach of smaller kids who shouldn’t be playing with stuff like that.

Tidy up the laundry room

Instead of leaving everything scattered across the top of the dryer (and let’s be fair, we all do it), you can take some over the door shelves and baskets and use them to hang onto cleaning supplies like fabric softener, lint rollers, spray bottles of various kinds (Febreze, wrinkle remover, whatever you have to use on your laundry), or even stray socks that need a partner.

Help the kids declutter

When hung low enough on the door (or even mounted on the wall, where able), over the door storage is a perfect place to keep small toys, stuffed animals, special trinkets or collectables (or maybe just that neat rock they found at the park), or even things like watches and kid-sized jewelry if they’re learning to keep track of ‘grown up stuff’.

Kitchen pantry organization

Over-the-door storage works great in kitchen pantries as well, due to their size and mobility. Keep your favorite pasta sauces, olive oils, spices, and condiments right at hand as soon as you open the door without having to root behind all those bags of flour and boxes of spaghetti noodles you’re totally going to get around to throwing out some day.

Quick to-go snacks

Speaking of using them in the kitchen, over the door shoe racks and hanging bags can be easily repurposed to hold Ziploc baggies of snacks such as crackers, chips, small candies (in healthy portions, of course!) and other similar goodies. Pre-bagging them and keeping them in an easy-to-access place will cut down on hassle and preparation time during snack time, and will let you grab them and take them more easily on long road trips or trips to the park.

Grow a hanging garden

Finally, for the more horticulturally-inclined among us, over-the-door storage is great for hanging gardens and indoor herbs! Fill each pocket with dirt or use the baskets to line your favorite potted plants right by a window, and watch them grow – all without taking up a ton of space!

Do you have other suggestions for over the door storage? Leave your favorite ideas in the comments below!

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