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Consider, if you will, the humble shelf bracket.

Largely designed to hold wall mounted shelves, shelf brackets have been increasingly popular among the handier decorators out there to serve a number of roles around the house, both decorative and functional.

Best of all, it doesn’t take much to get started down the path of shelf bracketing—all you need is a little imagination, some nails, and empty wall space! Here’s a few of the more fun shelving bracket ideas we’ve come across:


Lighting holder

Perfect for renters that don’t want to permanently install wall sconces for their new light, many wooden shelf brackets are the perfect place to hang any lamp with the right-sized hook or appropriately long (and strong enough) electrical cord. Simply thread the cord through any opening in your wall bracket and let the light shine!


Outdoor planters

A common complaint among city folk with green thumbs is that they simply don’t have room in their yard to plant everything they want. A great way to get around this is to take some sturdy metal wall brackets and mount them into the fence around your yard, or maybe the side of your house or garage if construction allows it, and keep a planter box on it. It won’t be quite the same as a full garden but you could easily grow some smaller flowers, succulents, or your favorite herbs & spices in a safe, sunny space.


Bike racks

Some of the tougher, more industrial brackets (such as wire shelving brackets) can serve perfectly as a bike rack in a garage or shed to save space. Make sure to measure the distance between your wheels to get everything mounted properly!


Standing desks

In a similar vein, there’s been an increase of people using shelving brackets and flat wooden slats (or in many cases long wall mounted wood shelves) to create standing desks at the perfect height in their home office. Takes up less room than a desk and gives you all the flat workspace you could need!


Entryway tables

Finally, waist-high shelving brackets with a solid wood sheet atop them could serve as excellent entryway organization. Mount these right inside the door (making sure to not block the door itself of course) to give your keys and phone a place to land when you get inside—and pair them with a mail organizer to really get things under control in your front room.


Have you ever used shelf brackets for something other than a shelf? Drop a comment below!

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