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You hear the term “mini fridge stand” or “mini fridge cart” and it probably sounds pretty obvious what it’s supposed to do—hold up a mini fridge, right?

And you’re not wrong, but there’s actually a lot more these things can do above and beyond holding onto a mini fridge in some cluttered dorm room. If you’ve got a mini fridge stand in your house that you need to repurpose into something else, here’s a few tips we’ve found:

Makeshift TV stand: Got a smaller room (or a smaller TV)? Mini fridge stands are a good place to keep smaller flatscreens if they’re not the focal point of the room, or they can work as a good mobile TV stand for situations where the TV needs to be relocated, like for video gaming.

Bedroom mini bar: Many people have their favorite before-bed cocktail. If you’ve got a few favorite mixers, a mini fridge cart (either with or without the fridge, depending) can scoot into your room to keep your preferred drinks close at hand. It’s like a hotel mini-bar, except without the exorbitant prices. (Just try to keep the drinking responsible, eh?)

Breakfast nook: If your kitchen space allows it, a mini fridge stand (and the fridge it comes with, of course) can be easily converted into a lace to keep specific meal ingredients, like breakfast. Eggs and milk go in the fridge, cereals and omelette ingredients go in the nook itself, and if your stand has a pull-out drawer you can use it for holding utensils and cutting boards. That said…

Kitchen stand: If your mini fridge resides elsewhere in the kitchen, away from its larger sibling, the space around it can be an excellent place to keep extra utensils, cookware, and the like. Keep cutting boards, long spatulas, and even unused dishes under the fridge to free up room elsewhere—and if you pair it with a kitchen cart you’ll have even more working room.

Poolside/outdoor refreshments: Got an outdoor outlet? If you do a lot of entertaining during the warmer months, a mini fridge cart can be a great way to safely keep a mini fridge off the ground outdoors while still providing easy access to your favorite drinks when you’ve got company on the patio or out in the backyard by the fire.

Out in the garage: Whether you’ve totally turned yours into a “man cave” or just want somewhere to keep refreshments handy while you tinker on your dream car, mini fridge carts (especially more durable ones made out of chrome wire) are a good call to withstand the conditions of the garage while still helping you relax while you’re out there.

Have you used a mini fridge stand in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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