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using shelf brackets for decorating and organizing


Ah, the humble shelf bracket.

Often thought of as just a way to, well, hold your home wall shelves up, you can actually use shelf brackets to decorate your spaces and hold things that you might never have expected.

All you need to do is find a little extra wall space and use your imagination – when properly mounted, brackets can do a lot more than just prop up a shelf, as you may learn from our tips:


Uses for Shelf Brackets Around the House


Hanging lighting

If your shelf brackets have an open enough design, a lot of people have started using them for hanging lamps from. Particularly if they have a long enough (and strong enough) cord, you can thread the cord through the bracket to create a hanging effect, or you can mount the lamp directly underneath the bracket to create a ‘streetlight’ effect.


Plant holders

Speaking of hanging, there’s few things that benefit from being hung more than plants. It gives them more of a chance to get exposed to sunlight and makes them a little easier to trim and water when the time comes. Mount a shelf bracket or two in whatever the sunniest part of your house is, and use them to hang your favorite plants from!


Curtain brackets

If you need to replace your curtain holders – or if you never actually had curtain holders to begin with – you could easily use shelf brackets! Mount one on each side of the window, and put your curtain rod (or a closet hanging rod as needed) between them to hang a curtain or sconce.


Wall-mounted bike racks

This will require a little math beforehand to make sure everything is supported properly, but a lot of bike enthusiasts have turned to shelf brackets to create an easy, low-profile hanging bike rack! Drill a couple holes in the wall about waist-high, and line the tops of the brackets with a softer material like cork to avoid scratching the finish on your bike (or at least more than it gets scratched up when you’re out on the trails).


Ending your kitchen backsplashes

Everyone loves a kitchen backsplash these days, but nobody is quite sure how to decorate around them. Use a shelf bracket underneath your kitchen backsplash to help create a better visual end point to the backsplash and support your kitchen cabinets a little more!


Lengthen your breakfast bar

If you’ve got a breakfast bar or nook, you can use shelf brackets to add a little more counter space. Mount the brackets around the outside of the bar and use longer wood (or wooden wall shelves) to create a longer surface for eating or serving.

These are only a few of our favorite ideas – try them out in your home and see just how helpful shelving brackets can be!

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