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When you hear the term “shower caddy,” you rightly assume it needs to go in the bathroom somewhere, right? I mean, it’s got “shower” right there in the name.

And you would be right! Shower caddies are an awesome way to keep your shower supplies organized and close at hand, but they’re good for a lot more than that. If you have a shower caddy in your house you’re not currently using and want a better use for it than just “taking up space in the cabinet below the sink,” here’s a few of the more clever ideas we’ve seen to repurpose shower caddies for extra storage around the house:


Produce hanger: Any shower caddy with baskets can become an easy and convenient way to store produce in the kitchen to make sure it doesn’t touch anything else and stays safely at room temperature. Keep your favorite fruits and vegetables away from prying eyes (and paws) while keeping them safe from bruising or collisions with the floor by hanging a shower caddy on some free wall space in your kitchen and stacking your fresh produce inside.


Cabinet organizer: Similarly, any hanging shower caddy can become an easy substitute for over the door storage if you have the space. Take your unused shower caddies (cutting down the arms as needed, since you probably don’t need as much space in your cabinet as you would in a shower) and use them to hang onto extra canned goods, sugar, flour, or anything else that takes up space.


Hat & glove storage: By taking a few hanging shower caddies and hanging them up in a space everyone will see them, like right by the front door, you can give everyone their own personalized storage space for hats and gloves. It’ll cut down on the amount of stray gloves around the house and might just get you out the door faster in the morning!


Mail organizers: While we’re hanging shower caddies up in the front room, why not set an extra one aside for excess junk mail? Keep one near the door for bills, coupons, mailers, and everything else you know you don’t need but don’t want to sift through right then, and empty it out as often as needed.


Hanging gardens: It might sound laughable at first, but most hanging shower caddies provide a great, open place to hang small plants and potted herbs. They let sunlight in, promote drainage of excess water, and keep them safely contained without fear of getting knocked over (not like you’ve ever accidentally tipped over a potted plant, right?) You’ll just have to make sure the cats don’t chew on this the same way you did your last herb garden.


Laundry organization: Shower caddies are already the perfect place to keep soaps, so why not use them in other rooms where soap is kept? Most shower caddies are a good size to keep detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and other needed laundry supplies close at hand—and you can hang it right on your drying rack to make sure it’s always at arm’s reach!


Got any other fun suggestions for using shower caddies? Leave a comment below, and keep checking The Shelving Store for more home organization tips!

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