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Last month The Shelving Store team had quite an experience during a quiet afternoon. A tiny bird accidentally flew into one of our storefront windows!



The little guy was knocked out and unconscious, so we searched online to try and find out what to do to help him. We learned that normally birds should wake up after flying into a window within 10 minutes, and if not they would need medical attention. But where do we take a wild bird?

2015-10-20 (2)

Luckily, through a few clicks on Google, we found a wild songbird rescue called Wild Wings in Hazel Park! Founded by Marg, a veterinary technician, she has learned a lot about caring for birds and noticed that most vets do not accept wild birds in need of care.

Kim, our Digital Content Strategist, took our new friend, a male Vireo songbird, over to Wild Wings. Marg diagnosed him with a concussion and said he needed rest and medication. After three days, our bird friend was healthy and back to his chipper self!


Little Guy, before being released.

We were very thankful Marg was able to help us. After all, she does this out of the kindness of her heart for residents of Oakland County and relies on donations.

Because she had so many bird cages we thought donating wire shelving to her bird room would be the perfect solution to help her stay organized and care for the birds easily. Sam and Kim from our team headed to her house to help her assemble it.



2015-10-20 (1)

We hope our donation helped Wild Wings so they can rescue even more birds in need. Be sure to check out their page that accepts donations!

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