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While it might not look like it right now, at least not up here in the snowy shores of Michigan (and it was so warm in February, too…), spring is coming! And among all of the benefits of springtime aside from the warm weather and the sunshine is the ability to put away your heavy winter clothing!


Of course, that always brings the question…where is it all going to go? You’ve got a whole new crop of spring jackets you need to get out of storage now, and your winter clothes have to go somewhere. If you’re looking forward to getting your spring clothes out and want to get ahead of the curve, here’s a few ways to stash your off-season clothes and get ready for the warmer months to come:


Clean everything first. Before putting anything away long-term like winter jackets, you might want to consider cleaning them all to prevent damage later on. Body oils on fabrics can attract moths if left unchecked, and hidden stains can become basically impossible to remove if they get a chance to sink into the fabric over six months spent hanging out in a closet. Get everything laundered (or dry-cleaned, when needed) and keep them in garment bags to prevent any unwanted pests from dropping by.


Choose the right location. It isn’t just a matter of having enough space – you also have to make sure the area you choose is conducive to long-term storage of clothing. Find a place in your house that is cool, dry, and well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of things like mildew or mold on your winter clothes while they’re not in use.


Get the right equipment. Whatever location you wind up picking for your winter stuff, you need to make sure you’ve got enough clothes storage to keep it safe. Otherwise your jackets are just going to wind up living in a pile on the attic floor, and that’s not going to help anyone! Take the time to set up some closet shelving to give yourself plenty of room to hang up your clothes and keep everything together. Some over the door storage will give you a good spot for smaller things like shoes and gloves you’re not using at the time, and anything smaller that can be easily lost can be put into plastic storage bins to keep it all together. (And whatever you do, remember not to use cardboard boxes – cardboard can be acidic, and the glue inside can attract pests and insects that you don’t need to deal with.)


Sort it all out. Finally, before you put it all away to wait for next winter, make sure to divide everything up for easy retrieval later. Sort the kids’ stuff from the adults’, keep coats with coats, sweaters with sweaters, and the like, and during your sorting if you find anything you’re not going to wear anymore or need to get rid of, now’s the perfect time to hit the thrift store!


After all this, your closet should be all set and ready to go for next winter when the snow comes back! But in the meantime, just try to think warm thoughts – spring will be back soon!

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