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When it comes to wire shelving, there are a lot of questions ranging from price, to dimensions, to strength, to customer orders. At The Shelving Store we strive to meet every customers request and keep them coming back for more. Below are a few answers to wire shelving’s most common questions.

Question: Can you cut posts into custom heights?


Answer: Yes. Call us at 800.637.9508 to place a custom post height order. Custom cut posts are an additional $3.00 each ($12 for a set of 4) and can be cut to any size. Your custom posts will arrive with posts caps installed for a finished look.

Question: Are the shelf clips included in the price of the shelves and shelving kits?


Answer: Yes! All of our extra and specialty shelves and wire shelving kits come with shelf clips at no additional cost. If you need to buy shelf clips separately, you can purchase them here.

Question: How thick are the wires on your wire shelving?

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Answer: The wires on the sides (metal truss and upper frame) are .197″ thick. The lower frame is .236″ thick. The wire rungs are .134″ thick. The angled truss support is .177″ thick.

Question: How do I purchase a wire shelving kit that is a different size than what you offer?


Answer: You can make any size wire shelving unit with any number of shelves by purchasing the size posts you need and the number/size shelves you need (shelf clips are included). We have a Design Your Own page that has everything to build your custom unit.

Question: Is your wire shelving hard to put together?

Answer: No. Our wire shelving requires no tools for assembly. Simply attach post clips to the notch on the posts you want your shelf on, slide the shelf down onto the clips, and push (or use a rubber mallet) to secure the shelf. Repeat the process for units with more shelves. Our products come with an easy assembly guide to help you through the process.

Question: Can I add casters to my wire shelving unit? Which ones are the right ones?


Answer: Yes, casters can be easily installed to a new or pre-existing unit. Read our tips for choosing the perfect caster to help you make the right decision for your unit.

Question: Can I add another shelf to my wire shelving unit?


Answer: Yes, you can add as many shelves as you can fit on the posts. Just make sure you will have enough vertical space for the items you wish to store. We carry extra wire shelves (complete with shelf clips) that you can add to your shelving unit.

Question: Do I have to have a shelf at the bottom?


Answer: If you choose not to have a bottom shelf, we recommend that you support the posts with 3 or 4 hanger rails along the depth and width of the bottom. Installing triangle footplates and/or post wall brackets can also help to stabilize a unit without a bottom shelf.

Question: How are SI brand shelves measured?


Answer: Our Wire Shelving dimensions are outside to outside of the shelf which includes the post hole. The depth is front to back and the width is left to right.

Question: What is the distance between the shelves?


Answer: Our Wire Shelving posts have notches every inch that allow shelves to be adjusted, so you can make the space between your shelves as short or tall as you need them to be!

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