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Like many others, I watched the highly anticipated return season of Arrested Development on Netflix last weekend. They released all 15 episodes at once, which prompted me to spend 7.5 hours of my Memorial Day watching the entire season (naturally).

As a result, I’ve been reminded of Arrested Development in nearly everything and do. Doves, bananas, and stairs are all obvious triggers, yet it’s even affecting my work. You wouldn’t think shelves would remind me of the show, but due to my conditioning I notice even the most subtle correlations.

So when I needed to write a blog about our Decorative and Wine Storage sale that starts Saturday, I thought, what better way to showcase our decorative shelving and wine racks than through the characters of Arrested Development?

……um, well there are probably many, many better ways, but what the heck. Here are what Arrested Development characters would be if they were decorative or wine shelving.

Lucille is a classy alcoholic, so she would be this lovely wood wine tower. It holds 18 bottles of wine (or Kettle One if you prefer) and features a pouring station – perfect for your doting man-boy son to pour you vodka martinis on.

Although it has 5 hooks, this coat rack is no monster. Also unlike Buster, these hooks won’t tear through your coats, scarves, or toast, which probably makes it a better choice for storing your outerwear.

This cool wine holder fits together like those linking rings that magicians use, so of course it would be Gob. But rest assured that this Oenophilia rack will hold up better than one of Gob’s magic tricks illusions.

This Zen Pentagon Shelf encapsulates Lindsay’s completely genuine alternative lifestyle, as well as her somewhat materialistic need for high-end, stylish merchandise – two things that totally go together…at least in her and this shelf.

Finally, Michael always gets the entire family’s problems dumped on him, which makes him this Umbra Organizer. It has 5 hooks for feather boas, jean short-shorts, and banana suits, and a shelf for everything else. Like Michael, this coat rack can take anything your family throws at it.

For all of these products and more, check out our selection of decorative shelving and wine storage! The sale starts tomorrow –  take 12% off with the code DECOWINE12

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