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Many people love the strength and durability of wire shelving, but aren’t crazy about how it looks. They like not having to dust or worry about mold or sagging shelves, yet want something more homey in their living space.

If you’re someone who wouldn’t dare let wire shelving escape from the darkest crevices of the basement, this blog is for you. It’s time to take wire shelving out of hiding and put it on display!

Here are 5 ways to turn your wire shelving unit into a piece you’ll want to show off

1 – Hang Curtains 

Draping curtains over a portion or an entire shelving unit is a creative way to soften and stylize your wire shelves. Choose an accent print to create a statement piece. As an added bonus, curtains hide clutter!

Curtains + tons of storage make this playroom almost criminally tidy

 2 – Get Liners

Adding liners is a great way to add color to your wire shelving. We just got new wire shelf liner colors in stock (like purple, light blue and green), so check them out today!

Don’t like our liner choices? Purchase a white liner and add contact paper. Craft and home stores have tons of cute patterns and solid colors that can really make your shelving pop. Contact paper is easily removed from liners so you can change your decor on a whim!

Inspired yet?

3 – Use Containers

Containers like baskets and jars decorate your wire shelving while keeping it organized – a win-win! Choose wicker, vintage crates and large mason jars for a natural, country vibe, or brightly-colored canvas boxes or plastic storage bins for a child’s room. The contrast of color on silver and natural fibers on metal just look stunning. See for yourself!

They could more effectively utilize their corners with our add-on unit 😉

4 – Add some color

Think of chrome wire as a blank canvas. Sure, it might look boring or industrial when it has nothing on it, but add a dab of color and some personal flare and you’ve got one great-looking shelf! Chrome goes with everything so feel free to go bold.

Create a masterpiece on your blank canvas

 5 – Try white

Still can’t see wire shelving in your living room? You may prefer our white wire shelving. It has a lot of the same benefits as our chrome wire, but is coated with a white epoxy for a softer look and feel. Add liners, curtains, and baskets for the perfect combination of style and function.

Trust me, you don’t want to have to dust the wood version of these shelving units

Ready to create your own stylish wire shelving unit? Check out our wire shelving and buy your new blank canvas here. Share your ideas in the comments below, and show off pictures of the finished product on Facebook – we love to see them!

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