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Wire shelving has been a storage standby for years.  It’s affordable, holds a lot of weight and comes in tons of sizes to fit into nearly any space.  But don’t think it stops at just your closet and garage.  From creating a stockpile as a couponer to maximizing the space in a tiny, cramped kitchen, the creative and practical uses found in wire shelving are endless.  Putting it to use in your kitchen and pantry will not only save you from a headache, but plenty of space and time as well.

Here are some unique ideas, tips and tricks for making the most of your kitchen and pantry storage.


WireShelvingInPantry-UpsideDownForCansInstructionsFlip your wire shelving or closet racks upside-down for a creative and easy way to store your canned food and drinks.  No more straining to reach to the back of a cabinet to find that French onion soup.  Everything is in view.



WireShelvingInPantry-DoorStorageThe backs of pantry and cabinet doors are often forgotten when running out of precious space. Adding over the door baskets creates more room for items like spices, condiments and tea.  Don’t forget to reuse your old shoe organizer, too!  One can easily double as a snack organizer perfect for packing lunches.PantryDoorOrganizer




WireShelvingInPantry-StoreByMealsInstead of organizing all of your food by type, create “meal baskets” that hold all of the necessary ingredients for whipping up a recipe. Not only is it a timesaver after a long day, but you’ll never have to worry about last minute runs to the grocery store for that forgotten garlic clove.



WireShelvingInPantry-LabelEverything2Labels labels labels! Pulling apart your pantry to sort and categorize every item may seem daunting at first, but the beauty is that once it’s done – it’s done! Putting groceries away will be quick and painless and finding items while cooking, baking and packing lunches will be a breeze. Once everything has it’s own spot there is no chance of it going somewhere else! We even found these adorable and free printable labels for the pantry and kitchen.



WireShelvingInPantry-PaperLiningAdd style and function to your pantry by lining the shelves with your choice of pattern or color. Here, shelf liner is applied to a foamboard that sits on each wire shelf. Now, not only does your pantry look chic, you don’t have to worry about spills or anything falling through the cracks. If you don’t want to start a DIY project, you can always purchase shelf liners specially made for wiring shelving units.

Ready to get started? Have no fear, our store offers strong, reliable and affordable wire shelving in sizes for every project. Not sure what size you need? Just contact us and we will be glad to help you build the pantry of your dreams!

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