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Wire shelving units come as a blank canvas. While some owners are satisfied by fitting them into a pantry or closet to maximize space and keep things organized, others strive to make the most out of them. Customers have created installation tricks, uses for our accessories and additional add-ons that have often left us with our jaws on the floor.

Check out the following wire shelving hacks our customers have sent in!


1. Gift Wrap Station
With the holidays quickly approaching, this idea is perfect for keeping gift wrap and supplies within reach and in-order. My wrapping paper tends to get shoved in the bottom of a closet with ribbon tangled and bows stuck to it. By the time another holiday arrives, the gift wrap is already unusable. Installing 2 J-Hooks with chains to hold ribbon while positioning another shelf sideways to hold the rolls upright is a quick and affordable solution.


2. Chef’s Rack
If you’re running out of cabinet and counter space or lacking the room for a ceiling-mounted pot rack, just make one out of a wire-shelving unit! Here, J-Hooks are used for hanging pots, pans and utensils. After that, you still have plenty of shelf space to neatly store all of your appliances without creating a stacked and cluttered eyesore. Units are available in various sizes and shelving options, so no matter the size of your kitchen or number of pots, there is a unit for you!


3. Use Shelf Dividers to Organize Your Closet

Instead of having piles of handbags and purses on the top shelf and floor of your closet, use attachable shelf dividers to sort and store them. With proper, upright storage, your handbags will stay in new condition longer, and easy visibility makes picking and choosing outfits a breeze.


4. Curtains
Even if you’re unable to keep what’s on your shelving unit organized and tidy, creating curtains to cleverly conceal clutter will make unexpected guests none the wiser. By choosing a fabric that compliments your decor, a messy shelving unit can become a chic addition to any room.


5. Shelf Lining
Adding a liner to your shelving merges style with function. By applying contact paper or self-adhesive vinyl floor tile, spills and small objects slipping through the cracks are no longer a worry. For an easier and quicker fix, use our shelf liners, sold in many colors and sizes.


6. Frame Your Shelf
If you’re in an apartment that doesn’t allow nails in the walls or you’re just in need of camouflaging your shelving unit, try adding framed art to the sides! Here, framed cutouts of wooden birds and dragonflies were attached to camouflage bulky stereo equipment. We like!


7. Create An Indoor Garden
WireShelvingHackIndoorGarden1 Use wire shelving to turn unused space into a garden! Here, grow lights are perfectly suspended from the bottoms of shelves, making an otherwise dark basement the perfect environment for seedlings, herbs and veggies. Another great use is placing the unit near natural light. No more pots tipping over the window sill or limiting your herb garden to just basil. Create the garden of your dreams indoors!

8. Cat Condo
One of our customers built the perfect cat condo using our wire shelving. The best part is that the shelves are adjustable, so once you think your cat (or any small pet) is growing tired of the setup, raise and lower a few shelves for something new. Happy kitties!


Wire shelving is so¬†versatile and resilient, the options it has are limitless. ¬†If you’ve come up with any wire shelving hacks, send them in so we can feature them on our next blog and we’ll give you a code for a discount on your next purchase with us!

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