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Summer has officially arrived, and with warm temperatures and sunny skies, we all want to get the most out of it. While we may want to spend every waking minute at the beach or pool, it’s not always possible. With busy schedules including work, school, sports and family, the opportunity to relax outside may only come rarely. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your summertime surroundings are clever and organized so no time will be wasted. Take a look at the most useful hacks and tips we’ve found to prevent pandemonium and create more time for relaxation and play.





Use wall-mounted coat racks in your outdoor space to hang pool and beach items that are sandy or need to dry.




Have fun at the beach or in the pool without worrying about your valuables. Simply purchase a lotion bottle with a removable top and wash out the contents. Small bottles can easily fit your keys and money, while a larger bottle can conceal your smartphone, too.




If you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining but don’t have the space or budget for outdoor furniture, build a DIY Fence Table! Perfect for guests to eat or place drinks on, it easily folds down and blends in when not in use.




For even more space, mount another wall shelf to the side of your house or garage. This can be used for serving drinks and food or for more dining space.



Plant lemongrass around your yard for a natural mosquito repellent.



Add extra space to your grilling area with a rolling kitchen cart. Your grillmaster will have more room to feed a hungry crowd and the cart can easily be rolled back indoors when finished.




Create a permanent space for grilling tools using this easy DIY project. Now you have a place to set your tongs down while your ribs and steaks are cooking and nothing gets misplaced.



Whether you’re driving across the country or simply to the beach, it’s easy to create a disaster with everything needed to maintain sanity. Cut a shoe organizer in half horizontally and hang it from the back of a car seat to neatly stow and organize all of your car necessities.

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