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When most people think of bedroom dressers, they think of…well, furniture for the bedroom!

Nearly everyone has a dresser in their bedroom to help them organize their clothes and get ready in the morning, and as a result most people think dressers can only be used in the bedroom.

As you may have guessed from the title of this blog, we’re here to tell you that’s just not true!

Dressers in a variety of shapes and sizes can be used all over your home, from the dining room to the living room and everywhere in between. If you have a storage need, and the empty space required, repurposing a dresser might just be the key to getting your home reorganized!

Here’s a few of the more interesting ways we’ve seen dressers used around the house:


Counter space

Some homes don’t have nearly as much counter space as needed. By adding a bedroom dresser or bedroom chest against a wall, you can get extra drawers for storing plates, silverware, and sandwich bags that you didn’t have the room for previously, while getting extra space to work thanks to the flat top of the dresser.



In a similar vein, lower dressers and credenzas can easily become dining room buffets to help with serving during mealtime. Keep your plates in the drawers and use the top to hold hot dishes, food warmers, or just larger portions during mealtime like you would with a serving buffet!


Plant displays

If you’ve got an extra dresser that doesn’t quite fit inside, and you’ve also got a green thumb in the summertime, you can easily solve two problems with one dresser! Move your dresser outdoors (after making sure the wood is properly treated, of course) and pull the drawers out in a tiered shape, much like a staircase, to create plant storage. This will allow your plants to get sunlight while still keeping them safely off the ground and in their planters to help them grow better.


Entertainment centers

Low, flat dressers can become TV stands and entertainment centers without a lot of effort. After you make sure your dresser is the right height and width to support your TV, you can use the drawers for storage of things like remotes and Blu-ray discs while keeping your TV safe and supported where it needs to go.


Open storage cabinets

If your dresser has seen better days, it can still be useful as home storage. Take a few of the drawers out and/or remove the more broken doors on the front to create open, flat storage that can hold shoes, books, or anything else that needs to be put away safely. This can be great for repurposing old dressers that need a new home when your new dressers have been safely put away and assembled in your bedroom.

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