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Storage cubes, from cube shoe cubbies to modular storage cubes, have found a place in many homes these days.

Once thought of as a more modern design for only the most up-to-date homes, amateur decorators and homeowners of all types have found a use for storage cubes throughout their homes to stay organized in a more stylish way than usual.

But maybe you’re not fully convinced! Maybe you’ve seen storage cubes and thought they were just too weird-looking to use in your home, or maybe you didn’t think they could organize your home as well as more traditional wall shelves or bookshelves can.

Whatever the reason, we think storage cubes can do a lot to help organize and decorate homes of any size. Read on for the four biggest benefits of using storage cubes in your home, and see if they’re the right fit for you:



One of the biggest advantages of most storage cubes are their size. Individual storage cubes come in a variety of low-profile measurements and sizes to help you fill whatever remaining space you have in your bedroom, living room, or any other room in the house. Most storage cubes are designed to be stackable to help you use more vertical space or horizontal space in rooms where one (or both) are in short supply, and the open design allows you to maximize their storage capacity without needing to stack them high and take away from space for other things in the room.


Storage capacity

Speaking of, the design of storage cubes allows you to store darn near anything you need to in them without taking up as much space as larger, bulkier shelving installations would. Many storage cubes are used for things like collectibles storage, displaying of vinyl records, a safe place to keep books and magazines, or even shoe racks throughout the home. The open center allows you to make the most of both the height and depth of the storage cube, creating a flexible storage option for nearly anything in your home—and that’s before you start using the top of the cube!



The flat surface and unique design of most storage cubes allows you to use the top for decorations as well as storage. In many homes with storage cubes, the inner cube is used for storage of larger items while the top becomes a space for showing off photos, flower vases, or even something more practical like decorative lamps. This versatility allows for storage cubes to be more decorative and plain old fun than most shelves or tables.



Speaking of which, maybe the biggest benefit storage cubes can bring to your home is the number of different roles they can fill. Above and beyond the typical bookcase-style usage, many storage cubes can be mounted to the wall, stacked on top of each other in a number of different shapes, or even laid out as a table thanks to the solid surface on top. While it will require you to make sure your home has the needed space, storage cubes can be rearranged into nearly any shape you need them to be and as a result can handle darn near any storage issue you might encounter.

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