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arts and crafts design


When you hear the phrase “arts & crafts”, you probably conjure up images of macaroni ties and those little hand-print turkeys everyone used to make in school.

And while you’re not wrong, you may be surprised to learn that the phrase “arts & crafts” has been cropping up a lot in major home design circles these days. Arts & crafts refers to a design idea that rose to prominence in the early 20th century as something of a response to the over-designed and ‘fussy’ look of the Victorian era.


The primary mode of thought behind arts & crafts is an embrace of more natural beauty, with pieces giving off a more rustic look that appear more handcrafted in design. This look appeals most to people that love camping, outdoor weddings, and handmade gifts, with a down-to-earth look to match.

Sounds like it’s right up your alley? Here’s a few ways to get started:


Function over form

One of the biggest ideas behind Arts & Crafts Design is to make sure all of your furniture pieces are sturdy and functional. When it comes time for picking home storage furniture for an Arts & Crafts-inspired living room setting, make sure to focus on things like bookcases and accent tables that focus more on the storage they can add to a room, and less on an overly-flashy look.


Natural colors

A lot of modern home furniture design tends more towards bold colors, but if you’re thinking Arts & Crafts for your home, you’ll want to find pieces that lean more towards darker, rustic colors found in nature. Focus pieces like coffee tables or storage credenzas in nature-inspired colors like black or brown, and if you really want to go with something less naturally-occurring (such as blue, or bright red) make sure it’s appropriately ‘dusty’ or handmade-looking.


Bare or burnished metal

Metal fixtures, such as kitchen storage including carts or shelves, or even metal shelves for your basement, will fit right in with Arts & Crafts design so long as it’s the right color temperature. A warm look such as this might not get along too well with brightly-colored metals such as chrome, but something more brushed or warmer in tone will fit in perfectly.


Focus walls

One of the biggest steps in Arts & Crafts design is to set up a focus wall that brings a lot of the look together. Using either bookcases or wooden wall shelves, set up a wall with some of your favorite display pieces that fit the mood – wooden photo frames, hand-carved souvenirs you picked up in your travels, low-key antique lamps, anything that can get you in that right “no-frills” headspace when you start decorating.


Try a few of these out in your own home and see if Arts & Crafts design is a look you can stick with!

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