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For a traditional decorative practice dating to ancient China, feng shui has a way of appearing in modern homes all over America!

One of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics dating back thousands of years, feng shui is the art of arranging the objects in an area (typically a home or other living space) to help positively direct energy and create a positive, healthy mood.

It works more than you might expect! We’ve talked a lot on here about the health benefits of organization, and that thinking actually goes hand-in-hand with feng shui – by creating an organized space that’s easy to use and free of too much visual stimulus and stress-causing clutter, you can promote a more healthy attitude and outlook simply by organizing your space.


One of the most important places to practice feng shui, at least in this case, is the entryway. Think about it like this: the entryway is the first place you’re going to see when you get back to your house, and if it’s all cluttered and disorganized, you’re going to stress yourself out before you even get in your house!

You don’t have to be some genius interior decorator to apply feng shui principles to your entryway. You just need a little patience and imagination, and soon those positive vibes will be flowing right through:


Decorate your front door

The first step to good feng shui is to start with the very first part of your house that you’ll interact with: the front door! Feng shui experts say that a pleasant and well-decorated front door attracts good energy and offers a pleasant feeling upon your return home, so don’t be afraid to decorate your front door and the surrounding porch with in-season plants and wreaths.


Declutter the whole entryway

Next, you’ll want to make sure there’s nothing in the entryway that doesn’t absolutely have to be there. Things like mail and snow boots are fine (so long as they have an appropriate home!), but anything that doesn’t immediately contribute to the form and function of the entranceway needs to be relocated, thrown out, or donated somehow.


Create A Flow

Even if you’re not exactly in the business of ‘energy’, creating a good flow in your entryway can help reduce stress and make the room as a whole more comfortable by letting you get into and out of your house more easily. Move all of your entryway furniture like storage benches and entryway tables out of the direct path of the door to let yourself back into the house more easily.


Coordinated Colors

A big part of feng shui focuses on aesthetics, such as proper color usage. If you bring in new entryway furniture (and if you do, try to take something else back out!) make sure they offer natural, earthy colors that match your current furniture and decor. This can help you feel more at ease and allow a more ‘natural’ feeling to your room.


Peaceful Decorations

Finally, while good decluttering is important, it’s okay to lightly decorate your entryway if it brings you a sense of well-being. Focus on natural items like potted plants and furniture made of wood, and try to avoid facing a mirror at the front door – it can push the positive energy you’ve worked so hard to cultivate right back out the door!


Give these a try in your entryway and see if you don’t feel a bit more peaceful when you get back home!

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