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Having more than one kid in a house tends to lead to some organizational troubles, but perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the bathroom.

A bathroom with more than one person is already pretty hard to organize, but when kids get involved there’s a whole new level to what has to go in there, and what needs to go where. Add this to the normal organizational problems brought on by having to organize their bedrooms, their playrooms, and the like, and sometimes the bathroom feels like the least of your worries.

A well-organized bathroom can still provide a lot of benefits for your entire family, especially during the morning rush of the school year. Here’s a few of our favorite tips for organizing multi-kid bathrooms:


Multi-Kid Bathroom Organization Tips

Everyone Gets Their Own Towel Hook

One of the fastest ways to feel like you’re getting things under control is to start with that ever present bathroom organization issue: towels.

Take a spot on the wall, or on the back of the bathroom door, and hang up some towel racks with individual hangers (or even coat hooks) and designate a hook for everyone’s towel. Let the kids have some say in which hook they get (smaller kids may want one on the outside, for example) and get everyone in the habit of keeping their towels where they belong.


Individual Hampers

Similarly, if you have the room in your bathroom, give each of your kids their own clothing hamper or closet organizer kit to help keep their dirty clothes off the floor when it’s bath time. This will help reduce a lot of clutter on the floor, and will actually save you a few steps when it’s time to do the laundry!


Store Everything In Bins

Plastic storage bins are a great way to coordinate all of the smaller stuff, like toothpaste, soap, and deodorant for the older kids. Let your kids pick their favorite color bin and sort everything under the counter by kid to avoid some of the confusion in the morning.


Use Wall Shelves For Less-Needed Items

When organizing a bathroom for your kids, it’s important to keep things at their level depending on their height. Focus on storing as much as you can in the closet and underneath the sink, and for the stuff your kids won’t need to reach down as often (or ever) like soap refills and toilet paper rolls, you can use bathroom wall shelving to organize these supplies in a way that keeps them out of the way of your kids’ everyday necessities.

Once everyone gets into the swing of your new organization routines, your morning rush in the bathroom will (hopefully) go smoother than ever before!

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