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Sure, by now we probably all know how much help a good decluttering can be. But one question tends to linger: when, exactly, should we start doing it?

We’ve all been there before; we let stuff build up in our rooms over time until we can’t stand it anymore, and then the great purging begins. But is this the best way to go about decluttering ourselves? Or is it more helpful to stick to some kind of schedule?

Seasonal decluttering may be the answer to that question. Completing smaller, more regularly-scheduled seasonal cleaning projects tends to have more long-term benefits for your home and your overall well-being than one big project when you can’t stand it anymore.


What Is Seasonal Decluttering?

Seasonal decluttering, true to its name, is a method of starting decluttering projects around the beginning of a new season. Think of it like spring cleaning, but then imagine you’re doing fall, winter, and summer cleaning too!

Starting your decluttering projects on a seasonal basis tends to offer a lot of advantages over your normal “panic decluttering”, including:

  • The opportunity to get rid of things you haven’t used or worn in forever
  • A chance to redecorate for the upcoming season
  • Reduced stress through less visual clutter (one of the leading causes of stress AND the biggest reason most people use to redecorate)
  • Staying organized through busy seasons, like the holidays or summer vacations

and more! Taking on a number of smaller, more regularly-scheduled projects is always easier than trying to do one big one when it suits you, and the seasonal schedule gives you a bit more flexibility as to when you can start your projects.


What Should I Do During Seasonal Decluttering?

Another, and perhaps one of the biggest, benefits of seasonal decluttering is the ability to tailor your decluttering projects to the season at hand. A few good examples can include:


Winter Decluttering

  • Throw stuff out in preparation for incoming gifts
  • Rearrange/declutter your living room furniture to create a space for guests/celebrations
  • Throw out any holiday decorations you no longer use, and store the rest on basement shelves until the time comes


Spring Decluttering

  • Clear out your closets for anything you won’t want to wear anymore, and put up some closet storage to organize all the off-season clothes you won’t be wearing anymore as the weather warms up
  • Declutter your paperwork to get ready for tax season
  • Get your entryway organization together for going back outside


Summer Decluttering

  • Tackle the kids’ rooms to get them ready to be home more often during the summer
  • Clean out the cobwebs from your vents and fans
  • Toss out any school supplies that have been outgrown or are no longer needed


Fall Decluttering

  • Start deep-cleaning things like closets and the attic to get ready for the changing seasons
  • Get the guest rooms ready for any potential visitors over the end of the year
  • Toss out any Halloween costumes that won’t be worn again to make room for this year’s disguises


The options are limitless, but the important thing is to focus on what can help you, your home, and your family the most.

Now get out there and get decluttering – the next season is always just around the corner!

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