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small contemporary kitchen

Even with as fast as they can run out of space normally, small kitchens are a pretty common problem in a lot of houses.


Think about it – you’re already crammed for space in any kitchen given the amount of stuff you have to keep in there, and then having a smaller footprint is going to make it that much harder. Whatever the reason – small apartment, cramped due to remodeling, maybe you just have a smaller kitchen because your other rooms are bigger – small kitchens need the most work to get organized, but it can be done! Here’s a few places to start:


Hang bigger supplies on the walls

The first thing to do with small kitchens is to try and figure out what can go on the walls in order to free up space on counters and in cabinets. Take your biggest pots and pans and find a place to hang them; wall mounted coat hooks can be repurposed to serve as easy and convenient pot-and-pan hangers, or you could find a ceiling-mounted solution to keep them within reach. It doesn’t matter too much where they wind up, just try to find a place that keeps them off of your already limited countertops!


Increase your working space

Speaking of which, you’re probably always lamenting the lack of counter space that comes with a smaller kitchen. It’s harder to get things done when you don’t have the space to work, but luckily there’s always ways around it! Get a kitchen cart with a wooden top to give yourself some extra mobility and work space (thanks to the solid top), or if you have any nearby wire shelves you can equip them with shelf liners to add some solid surface to your kitchen.


Smaller cabinets

Even if you’re not looking at a lot of wall space (or elbow room), mounting some smaller cabinets in your corners and empty spaces can free up a lot of room on the counters so you can maximise your space. Measure whatever open areas you have to install a cabinet or two, and make sure they have plenty of shelves and kitchen cabinet organizers to help you keep everything you need in there.


Open shelves

If you don’t quite have the room for cabinets, you should consider some wooden shelves for your walls instead. Open shelving (as opposed to closed cabinets) can add a lot of room and space to a kitchen, as well as giving it a bit more dynamic and ‘open, airy’ look that can contrast nicely with any cabinets you’ve already got hanging up. These are perfect over the sink or oven (so long as you keep them save from accident while you’re actually using the oven), and can do a lot to increase the space you have.


Decorate accordingly

Even after expanding your available space, your kitchen might still feel a little…crowded. One of the best ways to make your space feel bigger is to decorate accordingly! Using lighter colors, smaller shelves and cabinets, and letting a lot of natural light in can really make your kitchen feel a lot bigger than it actually is and will go a long way towards making your kitchen a little less claustrophobic in the long run.


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